Based in Arlington, Washington, we are passionate about creating experiences to make a difference in senior's lives. 

With over 10 years of experience serving seniors, we are experts at making each moment count. We will meet each senior right where they are at, no matter where they are in their journey.  

We look forward to serving you and your residents.

We are experienced & locally owned


What caused me to fall in love with senior living is that I was able to be a part of my grandfather's life as he transitioned from Independent Living to Skilled Nursing and eventually living the rest of his life at an amazing Adult Family Home. 

I want to make a difference in people's lives the way people made my grandpa and our family feel. My grandpa was diagnosed with Parkinson's in his late 80's. I learned how important it was to meet him right where he was at in his disease process. With some creativity we came up with ways for him to keep his dignity and engage him in the things he enjoyed doing, like reading, going out to a good restaurant, and watching golf. 

-Sheila Snyder

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Anchored Hearts LLC is the Northwest's premiere local mobile activity service, providing seniors with life-enriching programs that create meaningful moments with each and every activity.

Activities & Experiences

 Serving seniors with life enriching programs and activities.

Flexible Schedules

We are completely mobile and come to you, wherever that may be. Choose days and times that fit your resident's schedules.

Meaningful Moments

We've done a lot to prepare, all your residents need to do is show up and create more memories.

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Activity Options For All

Activities offered are geared toward all levels of care needs and skill levels.

 Accommodations available for all, including those individuals with low vision, hearing difficulty, dementia, and developmental disabilities or delays.

How It Works:

Each activity has been carefully selected to engage the senses and the cognitive function of each individual attending. 

We pride ourselves in creating personalized touches for each individual to make each activity an experience.

In addition to our group activities, we offer 1 on 1 activities for those who are in the later stages of their dementia journey, are bed bound, or could benefit from companion time.

Mobile Activity Service for Seniors

Anchored Hearts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q   Why should I choose Anchored Hearts?

We are locally owned and headquartered in Arlington, WA, specializing in serving the senior community by enriching their lives with engaging activities and experiences.

Q   What kind of activities do you offer?

We offer a variety of activities and experiences geared toward all levels of care needs and skill levels. Choose activities that will suite and engage your resident's from our Activity Options For All List.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Q   How to cancel/pause services?

Our terms include a 30 day written notice with a request to pause or cancel services.

Q   Do we follow health and safety guidelines?

We always wear a mask when required, are vaccinated, have background check through DSHS, disinfect our materials, etc.

Q  How to get started?

Two options, fill out our no obligation inquiry form found by clicking HERE or by calling us at (425) 475-8210.

Sheila Snyder

Owner & Founder

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